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Proven quality: the Hifly summer tyres HF201, HF805 and HP801 have a ‘C’ and some sizes even a ‘B’ label for wet grip. The rolling resistance (or fuel efficiency) of these tyres is also positive, which is financially rewarding. These label values reflect the good quality of the summer tyres. Summer tyres. Summer tyres handle and grip well on dry and wet roads, and work best above 7°C. Reasons to choose summer tyres: Summer tyres: are specifically designed for an optimal performance in summer conditions. Responsiveness: they’ll make steering quick and accurate – especially during hard cornering.

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Ultra High Performance Summer Tires. Focused on nimble handling on dry and wet roads with acceptable ride quality and tread life. Not for winter conditions. Not intended to be driven in snow or on ice, these low profile tires are designed to provide responsive handling and crisp steering response in both wet and dry conditions. Summer tyres are generally made from harder compounds, containing a lower proportion of natural rubber than equivalent winter or all-season tyres. During average spring and summer temperatures, this compound naturally warm and softens slightly when driving on the roads. The tread on summer tyres is noticeably less deep than that on all-season Summer tires are made from a softer rubber compound and are typically fitted with large tread blocks to give maximum contact with the road in warmer weather.

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Drive with summer tyres from June to August. Summer tyres are designed for operating in hotter temperatures. Hence, an expert in our garage advice car owners in Fenham to mount their car’s wheels with summer tyres before the temperature rises above 8°C.

Summer tyres

GRABBER X3 -The SUV & 4x4 Summer Tyre with High

Or are all summer tyres … Summer tyres deliver high grip levels on wet and dry roads, high stability in curves, and optimal mileage performance at warm temperatures. All-season tyres offer decent handling in a variety of driving conditions throughout the year, but with some compromises in straddling both summer … Discover the full range of KLEBER summer tyres here and drive safely on wet and dry roads, all summer long. Get yours now! 2019-08-07 Seriously cheap tyres for cars and commercial vehicles. Take advantage of what we have to offer. Unbeatable prices.

This gives them a harder, firmer tread pattern that softens in mild and warm weather to offer excellent grip for accelerating, braking and steering. Dec 25, 2020 The tyres we tested · Michelin's Primacy 3 Represents the summer tyre category.
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Just choose a Winterreifen von Nokian Tyres sind dank vielzähliger Innovationen legendär. Wählen Sie  (Sommar) - 20" (BMW original) · Alufälgar utan däck (Sommar) - 21" (BMW original) · Alloy wheels without tyres (summer) - 22" (original BMW) · Spare Tire. (Sommar) - 20" (BMW original) · Alufälgar utan däck (Sommar) - 21" (BMW original) · Alloy wheels without tyres (summer) - 22" (original BMW) · Spare Tire.

2019-10-02 Studded tyres are allowed during other times if winter road conditions apply or are expected. If a vehicle with a maximum total weight of 3.5 metric tons has studded tyres, any trailer attached to the vehicle must also have studded tyres, if winter road conditions apply.
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Nov 14, 2017 Its the law in most of Europe to have the right tyres for the conditions on your car, 2) it saves money. Summer tyres wear quickly in winter and  Tyres for cars, motorcycles, off-roaders, suv's and vans at super-low prices: We've got super low-priced brand-name tyres!